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Blocked Drain Services

Pipe Relining

A blocked drain might seem like a relatively minor but frustrating problem, but if it is left unattended for a long period of time then it can begin to seriously damage the pipes around it.

A pipe relining service is an efficient and proven way of restoring damaged and worn pipes back to working order, helping to keep your property’s plumbing working as it should.

Hydro Jet Cleaning

Get rid of stubborn drain blockages quickly with a dependable hydro jet cleaning service. Jets of high pressure water are used to blast away at even the most well-established blockages, and can be maneuvered through the pipes so they get right to the cause of the problem.

Tree Roots in Drains

Over time tree roots can grow tightly around the pipes surrounding your property, damaging them and causing a range of other problems. They are also notorious for finding ways in through the smallest cracks, before growing freely inside the pipe and blocking it completely.

A professional plumber uses specialised tools to locate and clear away even the thickest roots that might have taken up residence in your pipes.

CCTV Diagnostics

Using top-quality CCTV equipment, your plumber can get a view inside your property’s plumbing and quickly locate the cause of your drain blockage. This diagnostic process will also help the plumber to determine what service or solution will provide the most immediate, noticeable, and lasting results, while also allowing them to see if any repair or relining work is required.

Drain Repairs

A built-up and aggressive drain blockage can eventually wear down the surrounding pipe and cause significant damage. Even the smallest amount of damage in your property’s drains can lead to serious and expensive issues down the line.

But a comprehensive and targeted drain repair service will help to resolve the issue before it can become a real problem.

Storm Water and sewer repairs

Storm water drains and sewer lines have to deal with a high volume of material on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that wear and tear, or cracks, can begin to emerge over time.

Our trusted team of plumbers has the skill and experience necessary to clear away even the most serious blockages that might have built-up in the storm water drain, as well as provide effective repairs for all areas that have been damaged.

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks are an excellent way to store water for use around your property. Our plumbing team will provide straightforward installation and connection services for your new rainwater tank, and offer advice for the most effective way to keep it clean and functioning properly in the future.

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Professional, knowledgeable and prompt. Highly recommend!

Matt Georgeades

Highly recommend this company. Thanks Michael for being punctual, explaining the situation thoroughly with the different options we have. Outstanding customer service in person from Michael & from Chris over the phone. If you ever need plumbing works done …….. call these guys!!

Robyn McCorkelle

Couldn’t recommend these guys enough!!! I called The Drain Specialist last nte about 7pm regarding my hot water system that died, they called me back immediately and said they’d have it fixed next day… plumber arrived by 7.45am, new system arranged & installed by 10am… Thanks to Chris and the boys for fantastic service

Andrea Carbone

Had these guys out for 2 jobs and they were fantastic ,friendly came out quickly great guys recommend these guys

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